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Howies Hockey Tape - 10 Black Cloth & 20 Clear Shin Pad


A penalty shot in OT of the provincial championship game is not the place to let hockey tape influence the outcome.  You can skate with confidence knowing that Howies Hockey Tape is built for these occasions.  It's tightly woven poly-cotton cloth resists snow and ice from building up, allowing you to feel the puck.  When it really matters, our watertight adhesive ensures that your tape bonds firmly to your blade. 

Product Specs

  • 30 total rolls
  • 10 rolls of black cloth tape - 1 inch x 25 yards long
  • 20 rolls of shin pad tape -1 inch  x 33 yards long
  • Double dyed cloth to ensure a true black color
  • Pliable & conforming clear shin pad hockey tape
  • Made in USA

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