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NiceRink 20 x 40 Backyard Hockey Rink-In-A-Box


Get a jump on winter this year by ordering the Nice Rink 20 x 40 Backyard Rink-In-A-Box . Nice Rink is the leading Backyard Hockey Rink manufacturer World Wide. This incredibly affordable package comes with complete set up instructions from start to finish making install a breeze.

Building your own rink can be a tedious job, with our winters being extremely inconsistent, and temperatures rising and dropping weekly you never know what to expect. With the Nice Rink design, even if your Rink thaws out the water will be held in by your liner, no more counless hours of flooding because your rink washed away.

The retail package includes the "key essentials" to get started on building your own 20X40 NiceRink.

  • 34 NiceRink Brackets to build a max Rink size of 20 ft x 40 ft
  • 1 25' x 45' heavy duty white ice rink liner
  • 1 - 10 cm x 7.6 m Roll 4" X 25' NR Patch Tape
  • 1 Tube 1oz Underwater Glue ( water resistant )
  • 1 NiceRink Logo Puck
  • 1 Instruction DVD & Catalog
  • Does not include boards , designed for use with 3/4 inch thick plywood


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